Communicating Effectively With Your Patients Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing is Imperative.

Patient dissatisfaction is a huge concern in the healthcare industry, directly impacting profitability. Positive feedback is difficult to receive when patients experience a lack of communication effectiveness during or after rendered services.

The wait for a sign language interpreter to arrive can be unbearable for deaf patients who communicate in ASL. For non-signing deaf patients, communication can be very time intensive and frustrating, requiring repeated phrases and/or writing back and forth.

Providing thorough and effective communication can be complex when time is of the essence and communication resources are limited. Regardless, critical need for accessible communication between staff and patient still remains the same. Critical.

The Access App is finally here!

The revolutionary communication resource.

The Access App is an application specifically designed with your staff and patients’ communication success in mind. It is easy to install and easy to use, providing clear video 24/7 throughout your facility. Having the Access App available ensures that effective communication will happen when a deaf or hard of hearing individual visits your facility.

The Access App can be immediately personalized to accommodate deaf people who prefer sign language or those who prefer to speak for themselves yet need assistance in understanding what is being spoken.

Create an environment of accessible communication with the Access App, leading to maximum patient satisfaction with your facility and services, ensuring loyalty and profitability.

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Versatile, reliable and effective communication.

The Access App is a communication solution that immediately provides versatile, reliable and effective communication for your staff, patients and visitors.

The Access App:
  • Is expandable to meet your facility's communication needs.
  • Provides direct communication with your patients.
  • Can be used in tandem with hired services.
  • Enables immediate communication accessibility regardless of your facility’s physical location in both metro and rural areas.
  • Provides necessary communication for overnight and daytime needs, emergency, labor and delivery, medical testings and more.

Patient satisfaction is essential to your bottom line. That’s why the Access App.

Everything you need to succeed.

The Access App has many features and benefits that enable you to participate in successful communication with your deaf and hard of hearing patients.

  • Available 24/7
  • Reliable communication
  • Consistent messaging
  • Clear on-device video
  • Mobile solution
  • Easy to use
  • Facility-wide uses
  • Expansive library
  • 10+ custom categories
  • Research based
  • No internet required
  • Text-based content available
  • Sign language translation
  • Native language users
  • Triple-check system

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