How the Access App Works To Bridge the Communication Gap

The Medical Access App is a fully mobile, offline communication system perfect for medical facilities and deaf or hard of hearing patients. Get things done better and faster with reliable accessible communication.

Provides Accessible Communication with People Who Have Hearing Loss

  • Enables communication between deaf or hard of hearing patients and staff through pre-recorded content.
  • Pre-recorded content can be anything from most commonly asked questions and answers, instructions, disease descriptions and definitions, etc.
  • Pre-recorded content is available in spoken English with either American Sign Language or English subtitles – providing convenient accessibility for all parties.

Uses Sign Language Specific for Healthcare

  • Signed content is customized to suit any medical specialty’s requirements and needs.
  • Professionally translated sign language clearly conveys medical terminology and doctor’s instructions in a easy-to-use way.
  • Provides consistent translation of healthcare documents even when using an in-person sign language interpreter. Not all interpreters are qualified to translate such documents correctly and consistently.

Enables Communication for Everyone

  • Intuitive and straightforward interface let patients and hospital staff use the Medical Access App without assistance or special training.
  • Easy for users to find their desired messages quickly with the organized and categorized library of content and search function.
  • The Medical Access App lets patients and staff communicate clearly, avoiding misunderstandings.
  • Using the app provides support to people with hearing loss who do not sign.

Includes Support for Customization

  • Facilities may request additional pre-recorded content.
  • Most requests will be rolled out on a regular basis at no additional cost.
  • Content requests specific to your facility / network are also available for an additional fee. Contact us for a quote.

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